Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Introducing, two new members of the Goose's gaggle...

Adam is new to Indy, but adjusting to a new address is old habit for this experienced barista. Growing up in North Carolina, he stayed in the state to finish his undergraduate degree in religion before splitting his time between the U.S. and Bosnia. He even met his American wife-to-be there while they were both volunteering with humanitarian and educational aid programs. Fluent in Bosnian, Adam and his wife plan to move back to the country after their son is born this summer. But in the meantime, we're lucky to get to know this funny southerner while he takes care of some seriously tasty drinks from the Goose's machina.

Ryan is a native Hoosier with lucky roommates. He got a reputation for being able to throw together high flavor, low cost dinners for his business school housemates and friends. It wasn't until his hungry audience said they'd paid more for worse meals that he began to think of cooking as a career. After working as a line cook in Zionsville and Bloomington, he left the business major behind and has been focusing on kitchen science ever since. Now his favorite part of mongering meat behind the counter at the Goose is sharing the details of quality products with customers.

Stop in and help us welcome Adam and Ryan to the Goose!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Jamon Iberico: that's Spanish for jamin' ham

Spaniards have good legs, and you can check them out at the Goose.

Just arrived is Jamon Iberico, the silky, sultry dry-cured ham leg that would made castonets play themselves.

Free-range pata negra hogs roam fields of oak trees in southern Spain and forage for the sweet bellota, or acorns, that lend their hams the rich, earthy taste. After curing for years--some as long as 36 months-- in the temperate climate of Spain's sun and sea, the hams develop a superlative flavor. At once sweet and savory, nutty and bright, it's a world treasure that's still new to the U.S.

The time and tradition of producing this nationally protected ham means it doesn't come cheap. But, for better or worse, the stars aligned to make the price tag a little more reasonable this time of year. And since the Goose got such a deal on this real-deal jamon iberico, we're passing the present along to you. Get into the Goose soon before this jamin' ham is j'all gone.