Sunday, February 21, 2010

Blu di Bufala

From a burgh near Bergamo in northern Italy, two cowboy brothers--Bruno and Alfio--raised beef cattle in the province that's home to the nation's greatest concentration of DOP cheeses. In neighborhoods renowned for brave experimentation with milk's leap, the brothers imported bufala cow breeds from southern Italy in 2001 and got to work. About five years ago, they hit the magic combination, were lauded by fellow cheesemakers for their creation, and began distributing their blue made from milk usually reserved for creamy, silky mozzarella. The result is still creamy but the cakey loaf is tart, slightly gamey, and just salty enough to keep us reaching for another come in soon before we polish off this gem.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Bra Duro

Taking its name from the tiny city in northern Italy (where Slow Food was born), Bra Duro is a firm--or duro--cow's milk cheese made by combining two milkings from the same day. A dry salt rub is applied each day for six days before it's left to mature into a golden round, packed with sharp, nutty and buttery flavor. This D.O.P. is a nationally protected cheese and it's at the Goose but only for the lucky few who get here quick.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Valentine's Day Dinner for Two

The Goose will give you the goods;
the moves are up to you.

Have you seen Cupid lately? That boy likes to eat. Keep him happy and he'll save an arrow for you and your guest when you pre-order the goods for a romantic dinner for two from the Goose.

Order by Thursday, February 11: call 317.924.4944
Pick up on Friday, Feb. 12, or Saturday, Feb. 13
The package is $68 and includes:

a bottle of Fantinel Prosecco: bubbly, dry, and Italian...Mmmmmm

16 ounce, thick-cut, dry aged New York strip steak from Fischer Farms

two 6 ounce Cold Water lobster tails: surf and turf it up

chocolate Raspberry Dessert for Two from Rene's Bakery in Broad Ripple

And to keep the feelings alive, the Goose has stocked the makings for a pretty cocktail.
Sence rose nectar is the not-too-sweet extract of Bulgarian roses. Leonardo da Vinci drank a similar brew...kinda puts a new twist on Mona Lisa's smile, eh?

While Fantinel prosecco is interesting enough to enjoy solo, pick up a bottle of Sence at the Goose for this mood maker:

Rose Colored Glasses
1 part Sence rose nectar
2 parts Fantinel prosecco
twist of lime
mix, sip, smooch, repeat