Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Easter Sundries: Egg-ceptional holiday eats from the Goose

Carrot sticks and chocolate eggs may fill the kids' baskets, but a little bunny told us you want meat for Easter...and we're all ears.

Terry Knudson has been raising lambs since he was 11 years old. Today, his twin boys, Conner & Hunter, along with his wife Jane work with him at Viking Lamb, their Morristown, Indiana, farm that supplies Indy's best chefs with tender, tasty, all-natural , and humanely raised lamb. Chris wrote this recipe for Roasted Leg of Lamb--rich with garlic, rosemary, and a sherry vinegar pan sauce--with Viking Lamb in mind.

Call 317-924-4944 to pre-order for pick up
March 30 -- April 7.
We highly recommend pre-ordering as Easter cuts sell out each year!

Lamb from Viking Lamb in Morristown, Indiana
Bone-in Leg of Lamb: $9/lb
(whole leg about 9 lbs; half leg about 5 lbs)
Leg of Lamb Deboned, Rolled, and Tied: $10/lb
(whole about 6-7 lbs; half about 4 lbs)
* Remember, other cuts of lamb like loin, shoulder, and racks are also available!

Whole rabbit
Raised all-naturally on Indiana's own Gunthorp Farm in LaGrange, Indiana: $9/lb--averaging about 3 lbs each

Limited Release
Sugar Cured Easter Hams
Cut from Duroc hogs raised all naturally on Gunthorp Farm in LaGrange, Indiana, these boneless hams are cured with maple and brown sugar before smoking over cherry wood. The Smoking Goose is preparing a limited release of these fully cooked, unsliced, heat-and-serve Easter hams.
$9/lb--only whole hams (6-8 lbs each) are available
Call 317-924-4944 to order and pick up at Goose the Market.
Call 317-638-6328 to order and pick up at Smoking Goose.

Applewood Smoked "City Ham"
We're curing and applewood smoking hams from Gunthorp Farms. They're available bone-in or boneless, but either way they're fully cooked, unsliced, and ready to heat-and-serve.
Boneless City Ham: $6.50/lb (hams are about 6-8 lbs each)
Bone-in City Ham: $5.75/lb (the smallest bone-in ham is 10 lbs)

Brûlée Sugar for finishing your Easter ham
For an additional $2 each, let us know if you'd like our housemade spiced sugar for finishing your ham (or pork loin or short ribs) with a sweet and savory brûlée crust. Instructions will be included with each pre-ordered packet, but you'll need to provide your own blow torch.

Call the Goose to reserve your Easter treats: 317-924-4944 or hop over to check out the goods!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

"Green" Beer at the Goose!

There once was a drinker so weak
On St. Paddy's green beer she would seek
Now her friends tell her
"Go to the Goose cellar!"
She's become a proud Hoosier beer geek.

A little Irish ditty to introduce some of the crafty, Irish ales now in the Goose cellar for your St. Paddy's Day imbibing. From Dublin's first brewpub, Porterhouse Oyster Stout, Red, and Wrasslers XXXX Stout.