Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sassaka, or "bacon butter"

The lumberjacks in northern Italy know how to keep warm. Centuries ago--even before salame was a widespread Italian tradition--the tree huggers of Udine along the Slovenian-Italian border needed a way to keep meat on their bones...and to keep their recently butchered harvest from spoiling.

In their cool cellars, they cured pork belly and back fat in garlic-marinated wine, salt, and whole black peppercorns. Both sides went into a cool smokehouse so the sweet smoke permeated the cured the slabs but didn't render the fat.

The lot was finely chopped and blended with crushed white onions to make a paste that could be packed into jars or rolled into logs. Kept cool and covered, the flavor-packed schmear would keep for months as the lumberjacks moved through the northern Italian forests.
To warm up from the inside out, those ancient foresters only had to toast a slab or two from their hearty loaf then spread on a thick layer of the sassaka. On top of hot toast, the "bacon butter" warms and begins to render for a stick-to-your-ribs starter layered with sweet, smoky, salty flavor.

Come into the Goose soon for your allotment of bacon butter! We've revived this traditional recipe with all-natural, pasture-raised Duroc pork from Gunthorp Farms in LaGrange, Indiana.

Prep at your table is simple. Squeeze the sassaka out of the its package and let it come to room temp, about 20 minutes. Cut slices of crusty bread--the Italians prefer rye--and slather on the bacon butter while the toast is still hot, red plaid flannel optional.

Any leftover sassaka can be kept tightly wrapped in plastic wrap in the fridge. If properly stored, it'll keep till New Year's. But with flavor like this, we wager there'll be a need for seconds before 2012, Mr. Bunyan.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Holiday Wine Tasting Event: Nov. 22

Get out of the kitchen and into our cellar!

Tuesday, Nov. 22
limited spaces available!
call the Goose at 317-924-4944 to make reservations for 5pm, 6pm, 7pm or 8pm
(credit card info needed to confirm reservations)

$18 per person *
* $13 per person for members of the Bacon Club, Wine Club or Beer & Cheese Club

Just in time for a delicious little pause before the holiday storm hits the kitchen, take a break and let the Goose be your host for a Thanksgiving Wine Tasting Event in our Enoteca.

Reservations are highly recommended as spaces are limited for this reception style event where we'll be popping the corks on lots of bottles ideal for the autumnal table. Get inspired by our tasting menu of heavy hors d'oeuvres featuring the best of the fall harvest and celebrate with live music!

Eight Wines
reds, whites, and bubbles
Smokey Cassoulet
duck confit, smokey pork belly, and garlic sausages warm you from the inside out.

Cold Smoked Salmon
with local metzuna, cutting celery, and apples

House Kraut with pink pepporncorn, caraway, and mustard
with black pepper jowl bacon and roasted winter squash
Pickled Beef Tongue Pastrami in a Blanket with horseradish aioli
Everything as it sounds: pickled beef tongue cured under pastrami spice and wrapped in a buttery, flakey crust

Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween from the Goose!

Who has the most boo-tiful costume at the Goose this year?
We candyn't decide!

Happy Halloween from the Goose!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

a first-timer at the Goose

Look who made his first official visit to the Goose today...
Welcome Roman!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

another Stork at the Goose

This next generation is guaranteed to have good taste.

From all of us at the Goose, congratulations and lots of love to Goose barista Ashley and John of Recess. These proud parents would like to introduce Roman Sinclair, born happy and healthy on September 15, 2011.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Industrious & Delicious: Labor Day goods from the Goose

The Goose's smoker isn't the only thing working hard so you don't have to this Labor Day Weekend. We're keeping that butcher knife busy to fill the case with protein treats ready to hit the grill and your plate.

Brats: Smoked Turkey Ginger and Duck, Ancho & Lime brats are in the case already, but there's no rest for the stuffer. Check out the Goose's facebook and twitter pages where we'll announce brat flavors throughout the day.

City Ham: While Country Ham comes around low and slow, our City Ham makes a quick commute to your table. Here at the Goose, we take the most tender, well marbled muscle from the hind legs of Gunthorp Farms' hogs and brine them in sea salt, allspice, clove, juniper, bay leaves and garlic. The tender, flavor-infused hams get a hot smoke over fruit woods and hickory.

Veal Porchetta? We haven't exactly settled on a name. Well, it's Indiana-raised, free-range veal shoulder from Strauss Farms that we butterflied and stuffed with oyster mushroom & herb sausage before rolling it up and tucking it in for a long, sweet nap in the smoker. We might call it Veal Porchetta, but we'll definitely call it delicious. Fully cooked, it's ready to heat and serve like a thick slice of meatloaf or between bread like...nothing we've ever had before.

But wait, there's that appetite with naturally raised Hoosier hanger steaks, raw and smoked pork chops, flat irons, raw and smoked chickens, fish, lamb chops and ribs, farmstead cheeses, charcuterie, and more.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Crawfish: live at the Goose

Live crawfish are coming to the Goose this weekend!

They're arriving after 6pm on Thursday evening, Aug. 25th...and these buddies pack a flavorful punch for just $6/lb.

Contact us to have us hold your order or stop in soon to order from the counter.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Is the Goose on your A-List? Voting ends Friday!

The Goose has been nominated as Best Gourmet Grocery and Best Sandwich Shop for this year's A-List, and voting ends Friday, Aug. 19.
Let your appetite be your guide and cast your vote here. Thanks, Indy!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

More fun than you can have in a yellow shirt: French tasting at the Goose

Vive la France! Vive la Goose!
a French tasting at the Goose
Thursday, July 28, 5:30-7:30pm
10% off featured bottles for Wine Club Members and folks who wear a yellow shirt or ride their bikes to the Goose!

Don't be a square. Get ready to taste l'hexagone! Come to the Goose this Thursday evening, July 28th, 5:30-7:30pm, when we're taking over the Enoteca for our version of the Tour de France. You don't need a bike for this one. We'll provide the glass and you bring your appetite, then meander around the Enoteca's tasting stations as you like for a delicious tour of France, featuring...

Six French Wines
After a few sips of these bubbles, roses, whites and reds, your beret never looked so lovely. Among the many bottles we can't wait to pour maintenant are the bubbles of Deligeroy Cremant de Loire and Château Andron from the Medoc. If you'd like to take bottles home, they begin at $11.75 (but taste like a million, euro).
French cider and cheese pairing
Etienne Dupont bottle ferments vintage ciders with a different blend of their 13 apples each year. The chalky soil in the vineyard makes for small apples with more skin to pulp for a tannic, dry cider with amazing flavor and persistent bubbles. We've paired the cider with Cabecou Feuille D'Armagnac, a Perigord goat cheese dipped in plum Armagnac, dusted with a little ground black pepper and wrapped chestnut leaves.

A French-inspired tasting menu
The Enoteca will be scattered with dishes we're preparing in house to pair with the bottles flowing that night. The grill will be fired up outside (but we'll be cool as a concombre in the cellar) and we're blending the rich pate now. The menu is a little French and a little Goose, bien sûr.

Adieu for now but not for long...
No need to RSVP or make reservations.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Vinyl Vibrations & Libations: get in the groove the Third Thursday of each month

This Thursday evening--July 21st, 6-8pm--the Enoteca will be cool in so many ways. From an underground cool that's the polar opposite of the fried egg on the sidewalk outside, we'll be pouring icy cool White Sangria (like only the Goose can make) to go along with the coolest Vinyl Club since Tommy and the phonograph.

The Third Thursday of every month--so next up: Thursday, July 21st, 6-8pm--we're pulling our sweet spinner out from behind the Enoteca's bar for you and your record collection to take over. To go with all those vinyl vibrations, we're offering a different lively libation each time. This Thursday it's our White Sangria spiked with citrus, peaches, and ginger. The Goose and Yelp invite you to get cool and get in the groove!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

First time in Indiana: Cheese Tasting with the Cheesemaker

Come by the Goose on Wednesday, June 22, beginning at 6pm to help us welcome cheesemaker Marc Kuehl of Brazos Valley.

The Goose is honored to be the very first location where Brazos Valley award winning cheeses are available outside their home state of Texas. Marc will be on hand in our Enoteca to talk to folks who order a special cheese board we're preparing just for the evening including all of the following raw cow's milk Brazos Valley bites:

Jersey milk brie
Brazos Valley blue
Smoked Gouda
Eden: a fig leaf wrapped brie with a vegetable ash layer through the middle
Van Sormon: a creamy, semi-soft jersey milk cheese rubbed with vanilla, cinnamon and sorghum
Brazos Select: a creamy, mold-ripened cheese painted with sorghum made at the creamery then wrapped in mesquite wood and garnished with a grape leaf

Between bites of Brazos Valley's amazing cheeses, we'll be pouring glasses of another Texan star...Southern Star Brewing Company is just down the road (in Texan terms) from Brazos Valley and their Buried Hatchet Stout is medium-bodied and layered with dry flavors of coffee, chocolate, and toffee between roasted malt and hoppy bitterness. $3/glass

For those that prefer the grape, we're pairing Brazos Valley's cheese board with a sturdy and luscious Malbec blend from perhaps the wine world's most influential juicer, Michel Roland. His Clos de los Siete 2008 is an Argentine malbec blend packed with the flavors of dark fruits still on the vine. Its spices remind us of grandma's Christmas stollen but the entire sip is dry, clean, and over delivers (just like grandma). $5/glass and $9.75/quartino

All of the cheeses will be available to take home, too, since we'll be cutting to order from the cases upstairs, too.

Come on by Wed., June 22, from 6-8pm (last call at 7:30pm!).

Friday, May 27, 2011

Pig-nics and Boar-beques: Memorial Day Weekend supplies from the Goose

Memorial Day weekend has lots of symbols: a checkered flag, poppies, the backyard grill. But no matter where you celebrate--track side, dock side, or in the air conditioning on your back side--the Goose has the ingredients to make this holiday weekend memori-able.

  • Ribs: baby backs and pork spare ribs, plus lamb ribs, too

  • House-made Brats: cheddar & jalapeno chicken brats and spicy mustard pork brats

  • Ready for the grill: Cajun marinated chicken, Goose Burgers, steaks cut to order

  • House-made Sausages: Kitchen Sink sausage, pear & port duck sausage, and andouille

And don't forget...

  • locally grown produce: from farm fresh greens to the season's first fruits and veg, we're working with nearby farmers growing all-naturally to bring in the best...look for purple asparagus this weekend!

  • fresh bread: buns, loaves, and baguettes from Scholar's Inn

  • gelato: check out the Goose Blog for the ever-changing list of flavors currently in the case

Moonshine for the Sunshine
Seasonal craft brews, mini-kegs, and refreshing wine

Good beer can come in cans! The Goose's cellar is stocked with tasty craft brews that lack the glass (in bottling, that is) but leave no slack (in flavor, that is). Are you ready for the track and the boat and the front porch?

  • Southern Star's Bombshell Blonde, Pine Belt Pale, and Buried Hatchet Stout

  • Stevens Point Cascade Pale

  • Boulder's Hazed & Infused

  • Brooklyn Summer Ale & Pre-Prohibition Lager

  • Bell's Oberon Mini-kegs

  • Local brews from Sun King!

Lots of summertime juice is under the corks in the Goose cellar, too. These are a few of the bottles we'll be opening this weekend.

Xarmant Txakoli
80% Hondarribi Zuri, 20% Hondarribi Zuri Zerratia
The name may be a bit of a tongue twister unless you're a shepherd from the Basque region of Spain. But this dry, racy white needs no translation. Lemon thyme, grapefruit, and white pepper celebrate over dried herbs and stony minerality. Put out a spread of tapas style snacks, pop this cork, and ¡Olé!' It's summer.
(Pouring it the way Basque bartenders do may take a little practice, but hey, we've got a three day weekend.)

Chateau de Campuget Rose Syrah 70%, Grenache noir 30%
Refreshing red fruits burst from this dry, sophisticated, and food-friendly rose.

Crios de Susana Balbo Rose of Malbec Mendoza, Argentina
Ripe, dry, and full-flavored with strawberries and tart cherries in the nose.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Goose the Market up for Best Local Deli and Sandwich Shop!

If you think the Goose puts it between bread like no other, cast your vote in Nuvo's Best of Indy 2011.

The Goose has been nominated for Best Local Deli and Sandwich Shop in Nuvo's 2011 Best of Indy. Votes will be counted until May 31st...or about 18 meals (i.e. sandwiches) from today.

And thanks!

Monday, May 16, 2011

haircut and sandwich for $30 donation today

Goose the Market and Salon Orange Moon present a
TODAY: Monday, May 16, 11am-7pm
to benefit Carmela Betsey and her family

your $30 donation gets you a professional hair cut and a professional sandwich

Master hair cut from SOM stylists
Head to Salon Orange Moon first where their talented stylists can do your new 'do.

Sandwich from the Goose
Then come across the street to the Goose for your choice of one tempting sandwich on our regular menu.

All this--plus the warm, fuzzy feeling of helping our neighbors--is yours for a $30 donation, and we thank you!

Carmela is a darling daughter of our friend Janine Betsey who directs of our neighborhood King Park Area Development Corporation. A kindergartener, Carmie was recently diagnosed with diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma, a type of cancer that is rapidly spreading from her brain. She underwent treatment at St. Jude's and shows her stregnth each day, but we can all help Keep Carmie--and her family--Strong.

Bid on silent auction items from local businesses during the Cut-A-Thon! And even if you're not due for a 'do or hungry for lunch, free will donations will be accepted at both Salon Orange Moon and Goose the Market.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Wine Tasting and Thai Sausage Street Food in the Enoteca

Stop by the Goose's Enoteca on Thursday, May 12, 5-7pm when we'll welcome winemaker Richard Bruno. He'll be pouring complimentary sips of his Vinum Cellars White Elephant (a refreshingly sweet-sour blend of chenin, viognier, and rousanne) and his landmark Cabernet Sauvignon (a spicy, satisfying mix of fruit and heat).

To go with Vinum's rare and mouthwatering bottles, we looked to the traditional land of the White Elephant. Sai Ua is a pork sausage layered in flavor with lemongrass, lime leaves, galanga, cilantro, fish sauce, garlic and Thai chillies. Open markets in northern Thailand sell the sausage to eat casually on the street, and it's at home on the table in Laos next to a salad of peanuts, chili, and ginger. (photo by Austin Bush)

During Thursday's tasting, we'll be serving house-made Sai Ua sausage sandwiches with all the traditional condiments in the Enoteca for $5 each! Stop by for a bite and a complimentary sip with the White Elephant's blessing.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Make Momma's Day with Goose from the Goose

Yes, she'll pretend to be thrilled with more hot pads, flower pots, and decoupaged ashtrays. But this year, give her a gift with good taste.

Mother's Day Brunch Supplies

  • farm fresh eggs: from the pasture-raised hens at Schacht & Lambright Farms

  • creme fraiche: the love between the salmon and bagel

  • capers & caperberries

  • red onion

  • fresh lemon

  • cured salmon

  • Hoosier Momma's Bloody Mary Mixer: regular and the new spicy mix

  • hot carrots: Hoosier Momma's swivel stick

  • breakfast sausage: house-made with fresh ginger and sage

  • bacon: house-cured and smoked over applewood

Monday, April 18, 2011

Easter Sundries: Lamb, Ham, and Wine for your basket

Egg-ceptional holiday eats from the Goose--order lamb and ham by Tuesday, April 19th!

Carrot sticks and chocolate eggs may fill the kids' baskets, but a little bunny told us you want meat for Easter...and we're all ears.

Terry Knudson has been raising lambs since he was 11 years old. Today, his twin boys, Conner & Hunter, along with his wife Jane work with him at Viking Lamb, their Morristown, Indiana, farm that supplies Indy's best chefs with tender, tasty, all-natural lamb. Chris wrote this recipe for Roasted Leg of Lamb--rich with garlic, rosemary, and a sherry vinegar pan sauce--with Viking Lamb in mind.

Viking Lamb order by April 19th,
pick up beginning April 22nd: 317.924.4944
Bone-in: $7.50/lb
Boned, Rolled, and Tied: $9.00/lb

Fresh, whole rabbit raised all-naturally on Indiana's own Gunthorp Farm is also available and we'd recommend pre-ordering to be sure your Easter bunny is ready and waiting: $9.00/lb--averaging about 3 lbs each.

And because no holiday is complete without pork, the Goose is curing Easter hams from Gunthorp Farms with maple, clove, allspice, juniper berries, and rosemary before we smoke them over fruit woods in our new Mobile Smoke Stack.

Easter Ham order by April 19th,
pick up beginning April 22nd: 317.924.4944
Bone-in $4.75/lb or Boneless $6.50/lb

Call the Goose to reserve your Easter treats (317.924.4944) or hop over to check out the goods!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Our Founders Father: Beer bbq on April 28, 3pm

Help us welcome John Host of Founders Brewing Co. with a beer bbq beginning at 3pm (last call 7:30pm) on Thursday, April 28. No tickets or reservations needed; pay as you go with cash at each station.

Porchetta Sandwiches from the Grill
Chris and the crew will be roasting a whole hog porchetta-style in our new Mobile Smoke Stack for sandwiches of porchetta, horseradish kraut, and house made Double Trouble mustard.

Founders Brews on Tap
We're pulling out all the stops...but which ones depends on what John brings with him!

Beer-inspired charcuterie and Goose-style beer nuts in the Enoteca
Because nothing goes with beer like nuts and nothing goes with beer nuts like meat.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Yelp Drinks in the Goose's Enoteca

Yelp Drinks! is the first ever "Bar Week" in Indy: 7 Bars, 7 Days, and the Goose's Enoteca is in on the fun. From April 4th - 9th, we're offering a special menu of libations at 50% off! Open to all, from open to close, while supplies last...thirsty?

Yelp Drinks! Week Menu: 50% off these tasty tumblers:
Affogato Dolce: a new twist on our original creation...this time we're "drowning" tart and fruity sorbetto in Italian sunshine on a cloudy day. Regular price $6; Yelp Drinks! price $3

Sake2Me: Okay, okay...silly name, but there's nothing punny about this sparkling, naturally flavored premium sake next to marcona almonds, house-cured olives, or a little Goose meat magic. Regular price $6; Yelp Drinks! price $3

Wurzburger Hofbrau Pils: Founded as the royal court brewery in 1643, Germany's Wurzburger is still brewing today. The mini-keg is ice cold and steins, er, glasses, straight from the tap bring a distinct maltiness with elegant, hoppy bitterness...your Majesty. Regular price: $6; Yelp Drinks! price $3

And on Tuesday evening, April 5, join us for a Yelp event with free music, free food, and free fun. Yelp's own Jon will be dishing starting at 5:30pm (last call at 7:30pm) with some complimentary charcuterie from the Goose's case selected to pair perfectly with the Enoteca's Yelp Drinks! menu. Hungry?

Monday, March 28, 2011

Chivitos: Uruguay's National Dish & Complimentary Wine Tasting

come by the Goose's Enoteca Tuesday, March 29, 5-7pm for

Chivitos: Uruguay's national dish
a hearty sandwich of Fischer Farms' beef fillet we're grilling over hot coals plus the Goose's own City Ham, applewood-smoked bacon, fresh cow's milk mozzarella, house-cured olives, mayo, pickled beets, and hard boiled egg; in the Goose's Enoteca: $5 each

plus complimentary samples of new Uruguayan wines
Bodega Bouza Chardonnay 2008
surprisingly balanced with a touch of campfire smoke and a drop of cream among the bright, tart flavors
Bodega Bouza Tannat 2008
hand-selected grapes spent 14 months in French & American oak; intense dark berries, a touch of refreshing vanilla, and tannins meant for meat

Friday, March 25, 2011

Rack 'em up: a new source for enticing wines in the Goose's cellar

Overnight, the Goose's cellar grew! Stop by soon to check out our new wine rack that holds just some of the new labels we're always rotating through the ranks.

One of our new favorites on the new rack is Palacios Remondo La Vendimia 2009, a Rioja blend of garnacha and tempranillo.

This lively juice brings aromas of dried herbs, citrus, even roses with a sip chock full of cassis, black plums, dark cherries, and fennel.

After less than six months in oak, the finish barely touches vanilla before the spice and fruit persist.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Shoreline's Seven Red on Red at the Goose

From Michigan City, Indiana, Shoreline Brewery has released one of their limited barrel series brews. Our own dear Vinnie took home a bottle of Seven Red on Red with its shiny wax top for his birthday pint. "It's different and definitely delicious," says the older, wiser Vinnie.

This rye ale was aged on French oak Shiraz barrels that lend a reddish hue and a dry finish to the spicy, fruity brew. There's a malty depth--even bitter chocolate flavors--that mingle with the wood and tart hops.

Not many of these 750ml get to meander our fine Hoosier state, but the Goose's stash is up for grabs. Stop in soon or contact us to reserve your bottle & toast Vinnie B.!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Mardi Gras Meats: laisser les bonnes viandes rouler

At the Goose, we like to think Fat Tuesday comes once a week. But today is the big one: Mardi Gras! Stop by the Goose for your Cajun and Creole fixings and join the parade.

We've stocked the case with treats for Louisiana lovin'. Our creole mustard chicken sausage is savory and sweet with just a little kick. This loose sausage is like a string of goes with everything and turns any average dinner into a party on a plate.

Cut from the pork shoulder, tasso is a Cajun staple. Peppered and smoked, each bite of the Goose's tasso is packed with flavor and lends aromatic sweetness, a spicy bite, and piquant porky flavor to any dish. In Acadiana, you can bet tasso is in the jumbalaya but Cajuns also use it to flavor braised veg, stews, gravy, even crab cakes.

The Goose's andouille is inspiring...which we always suspected but confirmation comes from bayou-raised Jane, a regular Goose customer who grew up in Lafayette, Louisiana, and married a Cajun with a good appetite. "His parents are foodies," Jane writes. "Food is a regular topic for the entire family with many recipes exchanged."

We get the impression that a lot of those exchanged recipes are originals, dishes that nod to tradition but let Jane and her family learn more about their heritage products in a new time and a new place. "Your andouille gave me the opportunity," Jane wrote to the Goose when she sent the following recipes that get us hungry for Mardi Gras meals.

Butternut Squash and Andouille Gratin
The sweet vegetables and smoky sausage make a delicious contrast. For more sweetness, sweet potato can be used in combination with squash.
1 medium butternut squash (3 1/2 - 4 lb)
4 shallots, pelled and halved across equator
1/2 Tbsp vegetable oil
2 oz andouille, halved lengthwise then cut into slices 1/4" or thinner
3/4 cup half-and-half
salt and fresh-ground pepper to taste
2 cups grated firm, nutty cheese (like Gruyere)

Heat oven to 350F. Using a Y-peeler or very sharp knife, peel the butternut squash . Cut in half and remove the seeds (a butter curler does this job easily). Chop the squash into 3/4 to 1" chunks. Combine with shallots in a alrge bowl and toss with vegetable oil. Roast squash and shallots until tender, 30-45 minutes.

Meanwhile, saute the andouille in a dry skillet then drain on paper towl. Set aside.

Raise oven temperature to 400F. Return roasted vegetables to the large bowl and mash coarsely with a potato masher or pastry blender. The layers of the shallots will seperate; if not, rub gently between fingers to seperate them. Add the andouille, half of the half-and-half, and salt and pepper to the bowl. Fold into the squash. Pour mixture into a 1 quart au gratin dish or shallow casserole. Pour reminder of half-and-half over top and sprinkle evenly with cheese. Bake until golden brown and bubbling around the edge, about 30 minutes. Let stand 10 minutes before serving.

Fingerling Potatoes with Andouille
1 1/2 lb fingerling potatoes
3 Tbsp olive oil, split
1 large onion, halved then thinly sliced
2-3oz andouille, halved lengthwise, then cut into 1/8 to 1/4 inch slices
2 tsp fresh rosemary, chopped
salt and fresh-ground black pepper to taste
chopped fresh Italian parsley to sprinkle

Preheat oven to 350F. Wash the fingerlings with water, drain in a colander. Sprinkle with 1 Tbsp olive oil and toss in colander to drain any excess liquid. Spread on a jellyroll pan or cookie sheet with sides and roast till just done, about 30 minutes. Remove from the oven and set aside.

While potatoes are roasting, heave a heavy-bottomed large shallow pan or a 12" skillet over medium-high heat. Swirl remainder olive oil around the bottom and add sliced onion. Cook till onions are lightly browned, stirring periodically. Lower heat to medium, add andouille and rosemary, stirring to blend. Cook for 3 minutes more. Add fingerling potatoes, stirring into onion mixture. Cook 5 more minutes to finish potatoes. Turn off heat, cover and let stand 10 minutes to marry the flavors. Sprinkle with fresh parsley.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Making the Batali Blush

Ah, shucks, folks. Thanks for getting out for lunch and getting out the vote!

We're honored that our sandwiches took the top prize in Metromix Indianapolis' Best of!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Goose is up for Best Sandwiches

If you love the Goose's sandwiches, vote for us in Mextromix Indy's Best of!If you think the Goose puts it between bread like no other, click here to vote for us!

The Goose has been nominated for Metromix Indianapolis' Best Of in the Sandwich Category. Votes will be counted until Feb. 27...or about 18 meals (i.e. sandwiches) from today.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Valentine's Dinner for Two: the Goose will give you the goods,,,the moves are up to you

Have you seen Cupid lately? That boy likes to eat. Keep him happy and he'll save an arrow for you and your guest when you pre-order the goods for a romantic dinner for two from the Goose.

Order before Friday, Feb. 11, at 5pm (317.924.4944) and you can pick up this mood making menu on Friday, Saturday, or Monday (Feb. 11, 12 or 14). The package is $75 and includes...

  • one whole live lobster: these cold-water reds are over a pound and we'll poach 'em for you if you like, just let us know when you order
  • half bottle of bubbly: toast your love, toast the day, toast the lobster, make a toast to toast; the dry, subtle, and elegant bubbles of this bottle match the stars in your eyes
  • Fischer Farms beef striploin steak: raised all naturally on the pastures outside Jasper, Indiana, and hand cut by Goose truly
  • La Valentina Montepulciano d'Abruzzo: a lip smacking red wine from central Italy with dried cherries, leather, and anise in the nose and a long finish piled with dark plums and's the sip to kiss that steak
  • dessert for two: Rene's Bakery is layering raspberry buttercream between rich chocolate pastry and chocolate glaze
  • your choice of gelato to serve with Rene's chocolate affair

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Truffle Love: certified organic oils and honey with black and white truffles

Rosario Safina grew up in Brooklyn and used his business degree to work for gourmet mail order catalogs. His first truffle experience? Eating pre-cooked white truffle scraps straight from the a word: disappointing. "I was a bit perplexed," Rosario says. "It tasted like a sponge soaked in chicken broth and dirty feet."

That first impression didn't last long after Rosario met a 79 year old Italian man living in New Jersey. He imported fresh truffles from Italy during the peak of their early, early spring season. As the old Italian cut light-catching shavings from a fresh white truffle, he talked about not having any children to teach his tradition. Rosario listened...and ate. The meal and the old man's stories changed Rosario's opinion of truffles and his future. "It was a world of difference," he remembers.

After learning to hunt truffles in Italy and navigate the business of bringing them into the U.S., Rosario started distributing his prizes from the back of his car. "I'd pick them up from the airport, load them into the back of the station wagon, and go directly to the restaurants."

Today Rosario bring us the only certified organic products using real truffles. His organic olive oils infused with black or white truffles or porcini are gathering national attention for their complexity of flavor and extraordinary quality at reasonable prices. Just a couple drops on simple, lovingly prepared dishes is a transformation. Seared skirt steak, toasted cheese, mashed potatoes, even pop corn...the dishes don't have to be complex, but prepared with care and dressed with da Rosario truffle oils, the whirl of flavors makes a luxury of dinner.

Rosario's Organic White Truffle Acacia Honey will be featured during the Wine & Chocolate Tasting we're hosting this Friday evening, but it's on our shelves now, too. Just a little dollop is decadent over nutty cheeses, vanilla bean gelato, or drizzled down a seared duck breast.
Stop by the Enoteca for a complimentary sample of Rosario's truffle and porcini oils.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Gigha Bite: even your computer will want to eat this

Now on the menu in the Goose's Enoteca, Pickled Cucumber Halibut from the Isle of Gigha in Scotland is the mega bite.

The half-mile wide island has been community owned since its residents bought the island's deeds in 2002. Wind turbines power the entire island and provide income for its inhabitants since they can export net power to the mainland. These Cucumber Halibut are raised on a certified organic diet by small, family farms who raise their fish a sustainable, replenishable and controlled way. Their production is small so the fish are quite limited...but often requested. Their fatty filets have a clean, fresh, full flavor along with a subtle and silky texture.

Chris pickled the Cucumber Halibut and paired with the Goose's house made wild boar tasso, a porky slice that's cured and rubbed with pepper and cayenne before hot time in the smoker.

In the glass, the options are many next to this plate. First, we'll reach for Matteo Correggia's Arneis. This little rascal of a grape brings bright citrus and refreshing stoniness next to the wild flavors of a Scottish treat. Stop by the Enoteca for a plate and a glass soon!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Charcuterie 101

Forget the apple for teacher. This prof is into pork.

Chris is headed to Chef JJ's Backyard to teach a Charcuterie Class this spring. Can you imagine more delicious homework? Go online to save your seat in the tasting classroom and join us Tuesday, Feb. 22, starting at 6:15pm with beer and snacks.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Let's Goose it on, Sugar: Friday, Feb. 11, 5-7pm

All the sensitive people are invited to the Enoteca for sips, snacks, and Valentine's Day prep

You've been tryin' to hold back this feeling for so long. Now let the Goose help you set the mood with a wine tasting and heavy hors d'oeuvres in preperation for Valentine's Day.

So c'mon, c'mon, c'mon, c'mon, c'mon on Friday, Feb. 11, 5-7pm, when we'll be popping the corks on bubbles, lipsmooching reds, and even dessert wines in the Enoteca. You know what I'm talkin' 'bout?

Between the dozen bottles open for sampling, Chris and the crew will be offering a menu of substantial snacks to help the spirit move ya. The entire menu--savory and sweet--will riff on the theme of chocolate so you can know how sweet and wonderful life can be.

We'll stop beatin' 'round the bush and announce the menu soon, but for now, if you believe in love, get a date and save the date!

Friday, Feb. 11, 5-7pm
$8/person but take $5 off the first bottle of wine you purchase that night!
no reservations, tickets available at the door

Friday, January 7, 2011

a stork at the Goose

The girls can keep their sugar and spice. Now we know what little boys are made of: frogs and snails and puppy-dogs' tails...and Batalis.

From all of us at the Goose, congratulations and lots of love to Mollie and Chris. These proud parents would like to introduce Waylon Christopher Eley, born happy and healthy on January 6, 2011.

Pin up: hot hogs for 2011

It's our favorite calendar of the year.
Members of our Bacon of the Month Club have sweet, sweet swine to look forward to on the 15th of each month. Jealous? Hungry? We can fix that. Join the club by stopping by or calling in.
photo by Gannett News Service: Chris' bacon persuasion and recipes