Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Bon Appetit Batali: Goose featured in the glossy magazine!

What's the best thing since sliced bread? The sandwich.

And where are the best sandwiches in the country? The Goose!

In the August issue of Bon Appetit, your very own Goose the Market tops the list of the country's hottest sandwich spots.

The spotlight here is on the Batali (photo by Andrew McGaha), a satisfying mouthful of Italian salumi, marinated red onion, giardinara, and tomato preserves. But there's always something tempting, seasonal, and local on the Goose's sandwich board. A rotating selection of sandwiches always accompanies crowd favorites like the Batali and the Goose. Check out the menu in the column to the left or take Bon Appetit's advice and stop by the Goose with your buon appetito.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

August 3rd: The Goose brings the farm to the table (and the table to the farm)

The Goose is all about bringing the good eats of Indiana to the corner of 25th & Delaware. But for one special evening this summer, you're invited to follow the Goose to the source of the goods.

On Sunday, August 3rd, Chef Chris Eley and the Goose will present a Farm to Table Dinner on site at Good Life Farms.

Served on the farm in Eminence, Indiana (just 30 miles west of Indy), the $65/person menu features a tasting of cured hams, the bounty of Hoosier summer produce, "Viking lamb in a box," dessert, and beer, wine, and cocktail pairings. Check it out below or avoid drooling on your computer screen with this printable menu.

Seating is limited and reservations are required; please call us at 317.924.4944 to save your spot at the table on the farm.

Farm to Table Dinner at Good Life Farms
Prepared by Goose the Market

Proceeds will be donated toward the travel expenses
La Quercia Rossa Culatello 1 year *& Honeydew fizz
Col. Bill Newsom 2 Year Cantaloupe roll up
Benton’s Country Ham 14 month Plum preserves
Country Lomo 60 days Tomato confit

Roasted eggplant, squash blossoms, garlic, lemon, white anchovies
Smoked pork tongue, peaches, spiced pecans, white balsamic, field greens
Rabbit terrine, pickled watermelon rind, blackberry mostarda

Viking Lamb in a Box
Duck, apple and acorn squash sausage
Salsa verde
Mint-melon relish

Crispy new potato, Calabrian chile, herb fine
Polenta, Pazia, oyster mushrooms
Cauliflower, cuitlacoche, leeks
Roasted carrots and celeriac
Sweet corn panna cotta

Sweet cream bourbon pie, pecan crust, macerated stone fruit

Luscious Indiana produce, goods, animals, and hard work supplied by:
Good Life Farms - Stouts Melody Acres
Viking Lamb - Gunthorp Farms - Swiss Connection

Disclaimer - Given Indiana’s unpredictable weather, product availability is subject to change. Consequently, this menu may be altered without notice. Don’t worry…it will only get better.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

A-tisket, a-tasket, a re-usable rattan basket: new Goose Picnic Baskets!

Just in time for your Fourth of July festivities, the Goose is happy to introduce its own signature Picnic Basket.

A re-usable rattan basket is yours to keep, but its contents are the real treat. For just $35, inside you'll find...

* 1 bottle Crios Rose of Malbec
* 1/4 pound cured meat of your choice from the charcuterie case
* 1/4 pound cheese of your choice
* olives
* marcona almonds
* a fresh baguette from Scholar's Inn Bakehouse
* 2 "billion dollar brownies"

Gabe gives the verdict on this rosé wine from Argentina: loads of red berry aromas, plenty of acidity and spicy notes from the old-vine Malbec grapes, and a great glass for the summer. Marcona almonds from Spain are cured in olive oil and then salted for that satisfying salty-sweet flavor combination. The "billion dollar brownie". . . need we say more?

Stop by the Goose and we'll have your picnic basket ready in 15 minutes or call ahead to pick it up on your way to the park.