Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Gobble Gobble Goose

It's T minus 20 till T-day! Do you know where your turkey is?

If you order your bird from Goose the Market, your plump, juicy turkey is currently leading a happy, all-natural life at Gunthorp Farms in LaGrange, Indiana. Raised especially for the Goose, Greg Gunthorp is rearing these fowl with open pasture and without antibiotics or artificial hormones. As they say, the birds will have only one bad day. Once Greg and his team process the turkeys, they'll be delivered fresh (and never frozen) to the Goose the very next day. There are more drumsticks on these local birds than there are stops between the farm and your holiday table.

Get your order in now to make sure your Thanksgiving menu is complete. And for a little inspiration, check out the first episode of Goose TV when Chef Chris Eley talks us through brining and roasting the bird before making a simple pan sauce for serving. Print the recipes, get a ready-made shopping list, and even enter to win a free turkey, all thanks to the Pilgrims and Indians at TrendyMinds.

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LittleRedAmes said...

We are really excited to try your turkey recipe, but my father does not like the taste of rosemary (is he really my dad???). What herb would be a good replacement?