Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Changing the world, one salame (and bag) at a time

With the new year, the Goose has an even stronger commitment to doing right by the land that produces so many delicious things. Sure, veggies and fruit may come to mind first, but it also takes land to properly raise hops for the beer, goats for the cheese, and pigs for the salumi. So while we delight in the harvest of the land, we'd like to avoid adding to the trash on it.

That's why the Goose would like to introduce a new way to enjoy our delicious, local, all-natural foodstuffs. Take them home in your own bag or return the white paper Goose bags that we can reuse and you'll find your tab 25 cents lighter.

Come and see us soon to check out the new year's batch of treats from the cellar (have you seen Indiana beer sampler yet?) and the cases upstairs (porchetta di testa is back!)...and remember to bring your own bag for a lower bill and a cleaner earth.

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