Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Bring home the bacon for Mom this weekend

With moms it's always a give and take... Sure she showed your baby album to your significant other way too early in the relationship, but then again, she spent countless holidays welcoming both you and your car-load of dirty laundry. When you were thrilled to land the job that finally got your foot in the door, she said, "Hmm, but you could do better." Then again, she gave you a big hug and said the same thing when that loser left you single and hurt.

She used her magically antiseptic saliva to clean your face at the most inopportune moments, but then again, she performed so convincingly that you honestly believed she loved the macrame key chain/shrinky dink jewelry/decoupage ashtray you made and gave her on holidays past.

This year, give Mom something she'll truly enjoy for Mother's Day (that's Sunday, May 10). Time together--around the table, in the kitchen, between courses--is probably what she's really hoping for. And the Goose has some delicious treats to dress the table (or the picnic blanket) between the generations.

If Mom's a bit of a sea-lubber, think about surprising her with fresh soft shell crab, live Maine lobster, Washington Kumamoto and Beausoleil oysters, or wild Ivory King Salmon.

Make brunch a celebration with Newsom's country ham, bison rib roast, black truffle terrine, farm fresh eggs, bacon (like only the Goose can make it), and all the goodies for Tall's Bloody Mary Bar.

And just in time for Mom's day, the Goose Pignic Basket is back! Mom will be so proud of her little piggie when you take this spread al fresco:

  • Bottle of Crios Rose: Gabe says it's an Argentian rose "with surprising structure. Think fresh strawberries and raspberries with balancing acidity and minerality."
  • ¼ lb Farmstead Cheese
  • House Olives
  • Marcona Almonds
  • Baguette
  • 2 Shagbark Cookies
  • ¼ lb Dodge City Salami: This rich house salami is cured with pink peppercorns and fennel pollen, just like mother used to make (you wish).

Call ahead and we'll have your Pignic Basket ($35) ready when you arrive, or walk-in with your order and we'll have it ready in less time than it takes to draw your mom a card.

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