Saturday, August 22, 2009

Welcoming Sandra

Another goose has found her way to our gaggle. We’re happy to introduce Sandra, the newest barista to join the Goose gang.

Born and raised here in Indy, Sandra left flat Indiana for the mountains of Colorado. School took her to the Rockies, but the music scene kept her there for almost a decade. She sang with Motown and Afropop bands all over the state and even made a cross country tour with her reggae group, the River Jordan Band.

That classroom time in Colorado did pay off. When she was ready, her degree in geography helped her find Indiana again. She returned to the Hoosier state just a couple weeks ago and is having fun getting settled.

We know she feels at home behind the espresso machine, though. Sandra has been working in coffee shops and as a barista since she was 14 years old. Check out the tight foam on her lattes and cappuccinos—yum.

Welcome, Sandra!

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