Monday, March 28, 2011

Chivitos: Uruguay's National Dish & Complimentary Wine Tasting

come by the Goose's Enoteca Tuesday, March 29, 5-7pm for

Chivitos: Uruguay's national dish
a hearty sandwich of Fischer Farms' beef fillet we're grilling over hot coals plus the Goose's own City Ham, applewood-smoked bacon, fresh cow's milk mozzarella, house-cured olives, mayo, pickled beets, and hard boiled egg; in the Goose's Enoteca: $5 each

plus complimentary samples of new Uruguayan wines
Bodega Bouza Chardonnay 2008
surprisingly balanced with a touch of campfire smoke and a drop of cream among the bright, tart flavors
Bodega Bouza Tannat 2008
hand-selected grapes spent 14 months in French & American oak; intense dark berries, a touch of refreshing vanilla, and tannins meant for meat

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