Friday, September 2, 2011

Industrious & Delicious: Labor Day goods from the Goose

The Goose's smoker isn't the only thing working hard so you don't have to this Labor Day Weekend. We're keeping that butcher knife busy to fill the case with protein treats ready to hit the grill and your plate.

Brats: Smoked Turkey Ginger and Duck, Ancho & Lime brats are in the case already, but there's no rest for the stuffer. Check out the Goose's facebook and twitter pages where we'll announce brat flavors throughout the day.

City Ham: While Country Ham comes around low and slow, our City Ham makes a quick commute to your table. Here at the Goose, we take the most tender, well marbled muscle from the hind legs of Gunthorp Farms' hogs and brine them in sea salt, allspice, clove, juniper, bay leaves and garlic. The tender, flavor-infused hams get a hot smoke over fruit woods and hickory.

Veal Porchetta? We haven't exactly settled on a name. Well, it's Indiana-raised, free-range veal shoulder from Strauss Farms that we butterflied and stuffed with oyster mushroom & herb sausage before rolling it up and tucking it in for a long, sweet nap in the smoker. We might call it Veal Porchetta, but we'll definitely call it delicious. Fully cooked, it's ready to heat and serve like a thick slice of meatloaf or between bread like...nothing we've ever had before.

But wait, there's that appetite with naturally raised Hoosier hanger steaks, raw and smoked pork chops, flat irons, raw and smoked chickens, fish, lamb chops and ribs, farmstead cheeses, charcuterie, and more.

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