Friday, January 4, 2013

Welcome to our new manager Ryan

After more than four years at the Goose, our own dear Vinnie steps up as Assistant Manager and we welcome a new member to our Goose gaggle, Manager Ryan Pelaez.

Vinnie (left) & Ryan
Born and raised in Indianapolis, Ryan's passion for good food started around the dinner table with his family. His father--an artist from Columbia--and his mother from Rocky Ripple constantly introduced their children to new foods  like curuba and maracuy and Colombian classics like homemade arepas, chicharron, and empanadas. Still today, his family raises their own backyard chickens. "I love food because it's layered, multi-faceted, and steeped in culture," Ryan says. "I'm adventurous and food is this wonderful frontier that never ends."

After graduating from Ball State, Ryan worked at Apple, quickly rising through the ranks as his initiative, personal customer service, and leadership earned him ranks among local & national management.

Ryan has been a regular Goose customer for four years, and he's excited to join the staff behind the counter. "The best part is my team. It's already apparent how dedicated and passionate our staff is," Ryan says.

When he's not at the Goose, Ryan spends time with his wife Emily and their pets, a dog and an Egyptian Uromastyx lizard. He's a practicing artist working in digital photo-montage with shows at Two-Thirds Gallery in Fountain Square and t-shirts at Little Super near Broad Ripple. Welcome, Ryan!

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