Monday, December 16, 2013

Holiday Offerings from the Goose

just a few of our holiday specialties
Call the Goose for your holiday feast 317-924-4944

Wild Boar Meatloaf: $12/lb, 2.25 lbs eachwith thyme, orange peel & beef, ready to cook at home

Elk Meatloaf: $12/lb, 2.25 lbs each
with rosemary, juniper & pork, ready to cook at home

Standing Rib Roasts$18.95/lb
dry-aged, trimmed & tied, all-natural Black Angus raised on pasture in Jasper, IN 
Pork Crown Roasts
hand trimmed & tied at Smoking Goose to roast at home; 8lbs each, $10.95/lb 

to order call 317-924-4944

Applewood Smoked Hams: boneless or bone-in, heat & serve
Whole Smoked Ducks 4-5lbs each, $9.95/lb
Whole Smoked Turkeys fully cooked to heat & serve; 13-17lbs each, $6.95/lb
Smoked Turkey Breasts fully cooked, heat & serve; boneless 4-7lbs, $10.95/lb
Whole Geese: From Schiltz Farm in South Dakota, frozen 10-12lbs, $10.95/lb

Floral Centerpieces: order by Dec. 19
by Fall Creek florist Violets Are Blue
pick up Saturday, Dec. 21, $34

Fresh whole Lobster   
1-2lbs each, $15/lb
Fresh Fish & Seafood
Christmas Orders
order by 4pm Thursday, Dec. 19, for pick up Friday, Dec. 20, after 2pm
order by 6pm Saturday Dec. 21 for pick up Monday, Dec.. 23, after 2pm

New Year's Eve Orders
order by 4pm Thursday, Dec. 26, for pick up Friday, Dec. 27, after 2pm
order by 6pm Saturday, Dec. 28 for pick up Monday, Dec. 30, after 2pm

to order call 317-924-4944

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