Monday, August 25, 2014

The Goose Gang Guide: staff picks on what's honking hot this week (Whitney)

To help introduce the newest addition to the Goose Gang, we asked brand new Enoteca staff member Whitney which product she was most excited to try.

It was a tough question--even on her first day, she'd already tasted several single-origin, handcrafted chocolates and lotsa great wines. But since we all eat with our eyes first, a deliciously brilliant color caught Whitney's eye and made her hungry. "There's an all-natural Kiwi Pineapple Jam on the shelves in the cellar, " she said. "It's so bright--the perfect condiment for summer!"

Whitney loves the crisp, tart, and not-too-sweet flavor of Preservation's jams. Based in Westfield, Indiana, Preservation's latest Kiwi Pineapple creation is her top pick to slather on toasted fresh bread from Amelia's or spoon next to an array of cheeses.

Come on down to the Enoteca to check out Preservation's line up and say hello to Whitney. (She's always got a good tip on the latest craft beer release, too!). When she's not behind the Enoteca bar, Whitney's prepping for another semester to begin at IUPUI. Even though she's an education major, she's building a minor in geology 'cause she thinks rocks rock.

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