Thursday, April 30, 2015

Mother's Day: treat your momma to local goods from the Goose

To reserve, call 317-924-4944

Local Artisan Donuts
$14 for 6pk of Old Fashioned Doughnuts from Indy's own Rockett 88:
2 Almond Glaze, 2 Maple Pecan, 2 Dark Chocolate Bacon
Order by Wednesday, May 6 (while supplies last), for pick up Friday, May 8, or Saturday, May 9

Heart Shaped Ribeye
16 oz  ribeye butterflied to resemble a heart – about $23 each

Seafood Specials 

Soft Shell Crabs $10 each, prime

Hot smoked salmon $20/lb
Cold smoked salmon $19/lb
New Zealand Ora King Salmon (raw) $26/lb

Hot smoked scallops $3.50 each
Hot smoked trout $15/lb

Salmon caviar $8 each (1 oz)
Smoked whitefish caviar $10 each (1 oz)
Paddlefish caviar $30.50 each (1 oz)

American hackleback sturgeon caviar $42 each (1 oz)

Truffled whitefish caviar $12.50 each  (1 oz)

Soft ripened & fresh cheeses
 - Prairie Fruit’s Farm: angel food, little bloom, black goat
 - Capriole: wabash cannonball, sofia, julianna, fresh chevre

To reserve, call 317-924-4944

And don't forget the brunch essentials!
farm fresh local eggs
Smoking Goose Bacon
smoked ham
Amelia's bread

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