Saturday, April 19, 2008

Sausage Fest '08

Did you feel the ground shake yesterday? Ignore the experts who point to 5.4 seismograph results and listen to your appetite. It's likely those shakes were just vibrations from the Goose's mighty sausage stuffer and the soothing chug of our meat grinder...or maybe it was just the tectonic plates helping us celebrate Sausage Fest?

Besides the Goose's classic take on Hot and Mild Italian Sausage (made with pastured, all-natural pork from Gunthorp Farm in LaGrange, Indiana), come into the Goose now for Curried Pork Sausage (full of spice and just a little sweet) and Orange-Ginger Duck Brats (citrus-y and savory). For the morning after, there's the Goose's signature Breakfast Sausage, perfect with farm fresh eggs from Stout's Farm in Franklin, Indiana.

And to keep the other pork parts from feeling unloved, don't forget to take home Chris' tasso. This Cajun-style "ham" is cured with lots of white pepper and smoked so it's tender and packed with flavor.

Feel the earth move under your feet -- celebrate Sausage Fest '08 this weekend!

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