Monday, May 12, 2008

Eat Local Challenge

Home is where the heart is, but it's also where the stomach stays happy. We're not just talking about Mom's cooking (you did remember to wish her a happy Mother's Day yesterday, right?). Indiana produces tasty victuals from apples to zucchini. Think heirloom tomatoes, maple syrup, exotic mushrooms, full-flavor meats, sexy cheeses, even caviar. Eating Hoosier-style means indulging.

That's why the Goose is happy to spread the word about this summer's Eat Local Challenge.

Earth Charter Indiana and Indy Sustainable Food Alliance are challenging 100 families to derive more than 50% of their diet from locally-grown foods. You might be surprised (and hungry) to discover what's available within 100 miles from your home.

For a little inspiration, check out what's on the shelves at the Goose: applewood-smoked bacon, the season's first asparagus, zingy cheeses, shagbark syrup, oh, and 18 feet of meat...all-natural, full flavor, 100% Hoosier.

Eating local a challenge? Not at the Goose!

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