Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Three new Goose treats will start your engines this holiday weekend

Indy won the Super Bowl bid.
The forecast is brilliant for the holiday weekend.
Bamba and Coombah are on their way.
What a wonderful Hoosier world, eh?

Celebrate 2012, the long weekend, marsupials, or any bright spot with three new treats fresh from the Goose!

Chris cured a lean, pure-bred Berkshire pork loin with sea salt, garlic, and smoked paprika to make Spanish lomo. Raised naturally and humanely in Indiana by Mark Flora, this Hoosier lomo is perfect among Memorial Day tapas with thin slices of Castellano cheese and Ybarra extra virgin olive oil. The creamy yet firm raw ewe's milk cheese balances the leanness of the lomo, and the spunky Spanish olive oil brings everything together with a kick. For your glass, try the 2006 Ostatu Blanco Rioja. With citrus, pear, and honeysuckle flavors and a lingering finish, it stands up to the Lomo's spice and sea salt. Plus, this wine is just plain good sipping on a warm spring day.

Cold smoked scallops are cradled in smooth pork belly blended with pink peppercorns and all topped off with flaky, smoky unagi. "This terrine hits you in waves," Chris says. The perk of pink peppercorns comes early, but the sweet, smoky barbecued eel brings all the elements together at the end. This complex and fun terrine demands an equally interesting wine match, so Gabe recommends the 2006 Laurel Glen Reds with the deep berry aromas and full, juicy dark fruit flavors. Reds combines old vine Zinfandel and Carignane with younger Petite Syrah fruit for a spicy but earthy medium body.

The latest in the Potted Love series is a "parfait" of decadent duck liver paddled with Triple Sec and Grand Mariner under a glassy layer of port gelee that's spiked with candied orange zest and juniper berries. The citrus and sweet accents don't overpower the savory duck so this jarred darling is perfect before dinner, spread on warm toast or crackers. And don't forget to pour a glass of the dark purple 2005 Ben Marco Malbec from Mendoza, Argentina. Coffee, red fruit, and smoky aromas lead to fig, currant jam, and blackberry flavors finessed by silky tannins. Ah, the silky tannins.

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