Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Just an Orr-dinary Day: Book signing and lunch with Chef Daniel Orr at the Goose

Stop by the Goose on Thursday, Sept. 24, 11am--2pm, for lunch with Daniel Orr when he'll be unveiling his newest publication, FARMFood: Green Living with Chef Daniel Orr.
Books will be available at the Goose and Chef Orr will happily sign your copy over lunch.

Between lots of glossy, luscious food pics and spunky text about Orr's appreciation for all things local is advice and recipes about how to make the most of eating local, seasonal, and heritage foods....which Orr has had the chance to do all over the world.

His travels only brought him closer to home, though. From winning a middle school cooking competition to helping his parents harvest raspberries and black walnuts at home in Columbus, Orr went on to cook in France, the British West Indies, and New York City. He returned to his native Indiana to open FARMBloomington in 2008, but you'll have to ask him when exactly he got that FARMTattoo.

Sure, Orr's book would make a great gift and a fetching coffee table addition, but why not use FARMFood as a little inspiration for the appetite? The Goose is stocked with everything you'll need to feast on local flavor. Pick out your favorite FARMFood recipe and get marketing at the Goose.

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