Saturday, October 3, 2009

'Tis the Season

Soup's on at the Goose once again!

Stop by now for Goose and Beedy's Camden Kale Soup. Chris cooked down a rich Goose stock then laid in tender, pulled goose meat and braised kale. Beedy's Camden is the kale variety grown by Matthew Jose of Big City Farms. He pulled the leaves and peddled over just moments before the greens hit the heat. It's a satisfying cuppa, perfect for the beginning of fall.

Remember last year's soups at the Goose? Become a fan of the Goose on Facebook and respond to Chris' post about your favorite from last season. If your suggestion is picked to run again, you'll win a free bowl! And you can always see what's bubbling in our soup pot here at the Goose Blog. Check out the daily menu to the left.

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