Tuesday, November 10, 2009

to Gabe with love

A horrible thing happened to our friend on Sunday night. And it’s hard to write about horrible things happening to friends.

Gabe is Wine Steward here at the Goose, but vines and vintages will never sum up Gabe’s rank as a dear friend, husband, and father. As he recovers from a tragic shooting, everyone at the Goose sends love and hope to him and his family.

In the coming days, we’ll post more news about Gabe’s progress and the ways we can help support him and his family through the challenges ahead.


rodney said...

Thank you.

I read about this yesterday and it made me frustrated and upset that something like this happened to a person like Gabe. I wish the best for Gabe in his recovery and appreciate any information you can share with us.

Troy said...

that's horrible news. Poor guy and his family. At least he made it through. Our thoughts are with him.

-Troy and the Carpenters