Friday, October 23, 2009

Because good things come in threes

At the Goose, we can dress 'em up and take 'em out.

Check out the new unis for your meat mongers behind the counter at the Goose. A gent or lady in one of these spiff, new, white shirts is the person to ask for farmstead cheeses, honest charcuterie, tempting raw meats, and more. They're happy to serve you when you know what you want and ready to tempt you when you're looking for a little inspiration.

Also new at the Goose is the latest addition to the Goose Gang. And since good things come in threes, we're happy to welcome Chris Three to the gaggle. Folks will recognize the first Chris, owner of the Goose and the one who's proudest of his new uniform in the picture. Chris B. is on the right and has been playing at the Goose when his band, the Perennials, aren't playing on stage. Come to the Goose on Fridays to meet the new guy on the left, Chris Three, a student of the Culinary Arts Program at The Chef's Academy.

A native Hoosier from Martinsville, Chris is working at the Goose for his Academy externship. After graduation he hopes to work in a test kitchen and help develop new recipes, but for now his focus is on the classics. We asked Chris about his favorite part of the new job so far, and it didn't take him a second to answer. "Definitely the bacon," he said. "Definitely." Wecome, Chris!

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