Monday, April 5, 2010

Lock 21: new raw milk cheese at the Goose

For six generations, Brian Schlatter's family has been farming in the corner of Ohio where the Wabash & Erie and the Miami & Erie Canals converge. While young Brian follows in his ancestors' footsteps by turning raw milk into alpine-style cheeses, he took to the tow path to honor a seasonal cheese he only makes when the cow's at Canal Junction Farmstead are on a full pasture diet.

Now at the Goose, Lock 21 is a raw, cow's milk cheese named for the canal lock about 2 miles from Brian's farmstead. This cultured cheese begins as a packed mixture of young, soft curds and whey. Earthy, mushroomy flavors develop and the texture softens and smooths while the cheese ages for months before hitting our shelves (and your plate).

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