Wednesday, April 21, 2010

New to the Goose: Welcoming Kelley!

Kelley brings the best of both worlds. She's a big city gal who left her career managing staff at an upscale Chicago restaurant to move to Indy where her fiance is starting a new job. "I'm still getting used to driving here," Kelley says. "It only takes 5 minutes to get through downtown. That's at least a half hour in Chicago." But she's also the small town, farm girl who just last weekend helped her dad sort seed on her family's pig farm in Coal City, Illinois. "There were only 140 kids at my school," she says, thinking about the big transition she made when she came to Purdue to get her degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management.

Kelley is especially fond of blue cheeses (ask her about the Black Ledge Blue!) and loves charcuterie because of the way such simple things--like salt, air, and time--can transform flavors and textures. Stop by the shop and help us welcome Kelley to the Goose!

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