Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Goose Gang Grows: welcome new staff!

The Goose has gathered a few more under its wing. Stop by the shop and help us welcome Josh, Monica, and Gabriele!
Young Josh has a lot to celebrate. Two weeks ago he turned 22, and last week he earned his MBA from Anderson University. School was what lured him here to Indiana from his home in Deluth, Minnesota. “Yeah, I go through snow withdrawals,” he says, remembering the days he used to snow shoe out his back door. Still, Josh isn’t sure that snow will be a part of his future. If living on a sailboat and bumming from port to port doesn’t work out (Josh winks), he’s considering opening his own kitchen operation someday. “I love food and I like people,” he says. “That’s what the Goose is all about.” Catch Josh behind the counter as the Goose’s newest meat monger.

Monica is another recent grad. She’s back in Indy, her hometown, after receiving her Poli Sci degree in Alabama, and law school is next on her list. Yale…Notre Dame…she’s keeping her options open for now, but she’ll study international law wherever she goes since a job with the UN is her goal. While she was at school, Monica made the commitment to eat more organic, all-natural, and local foods. “It makes sense on all levels,” she says. With five years of experience pulling shots, Monica is the newest barista at the Goose. “Oh, and I love the gelato, too!” she adds with a smile.

For Gabriele, coming to the Goose is a little bit like going home. After moving to Indy from Italy in 2006, he says, “The Goose is the closest to a real Italian experience.” From his home near Rome, Gabriele finished his thesis before moving to the States and working in masonry engraving and freelance web work. He also brings a bit of home to his Indy kitchen. “Apparently everybody loves my pizza,” he observes. Gabriele’s secret? “The oven has to be as hot as it can possibly be. Just put two or three simple ingredients on a very thin crust. It’s not much of a secret, I guess.” Soon the Goose will open a casual place to drink wine in the cellar of the shop, and you’ll find Gabriele behind the counter in the Enoteca. “The Goose has given me the chance to do what I really want,” he says.

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