Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wine and beer by the glass at the Goose: introducing the Enoteca

Visit the Goose's cellar where the Enoteca is now open!

In Italy, the neighborhood enoteca is where wine is stored, bought, and consumed. In Indy, the Goose's new Enoteca is a casual place to drink wine.
Order a glass or quartino from the rotating menu of about a dozen wines or choose your own bottle from the cellar shelves. The cooler is stocked with a changing selection of six craft beers, and some small plates--perfect for sampling and sharing--will calm those hunger pangs between sips.

Grab a seat at the communal tables or pull up a stool at the bar. Chris and friends built them all from the reclaimed wood of a century-old barn that fell in southern Indiana. Tunes in the Enoteca come from a lovingly rehabbed turn table and a donated collection of vinyl.

The opening menu is full of temptations and will change regularly, but a few of the combinations we fancy now include...

  • a glass of La Croix Gratiot Picpoul (super tart, packed with citrus, very refreshing) and the Crudo plate, cool, thin slices of Amberjack fish with a crisp salad of local kohlrabi, grapefruit, and chives
  • a quartino of Pazo de Arribi Mencia (lush red berries and old world spice to balance) with a board of house-cured charcuterie like duck & pistachio terrine, stagberry salame, and culatello
  • a bottle of Piraat--a full Belgian IPA--and a Batali (yup, get your sandwich upstairs then head to the Enoteca and enjoy it with a brew!)

We'll be pouring and serving in the Enoteca during all regular business hours, and thirsty friends 21 and over are welcome. But don't worry...all of the Goose's stock of dry goods and retail beer and wine are still available. We've just made the cellar even more fun. Stop by soon and enjoy the Goose's new Enoteca!

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