Tuesday, August 10, 2010

B is for burger: Chris B dotes over this patty

In our continuing series on blue apron endorsements, Goose staff members are taking turns dishing on some of their favorite foodstuffs at the shop.

For Chris B., there's no better meal between a bun than the Goose's own Goose Burgers. We hand cut beef shoulder from Dave Fischer's black angus, raised all-naturally on open pasture in Jasper, Indiana. The cuts are coarse ground with onion, the smokey ends of the Goose's own bacon, and jalapenos grown just down the road at Big City Farms. "It's everything you'd want on your burger already in your burger," Chris B. says. "I had one last night!"

There's a little nostalgia in Chris B.'s pick this week. "They kinda remind me of the burgers my mom used to make in the summers. Man, those were good," he remembers. But we won't tell you which burger Chris B. prefers today.

Since Goose Burgers are already pattied up, you can make dinner in one easy step: light the grill. The optional step two is getting something to drink to go with them. Chris B. had that part covered. "My roommate had some beer and I brought the Goose Burgers," he says. Aww, sharing...his mom is so proud of her little boy.

The case is stocked with Goose Burgers now, so the lucky folks who come in quick can put them on their menu.

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