Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon: from the water to the Goose to you

Captain Tony is no landlubber. A Midwesterner who grew up in the woods, he found home in Alaska on the water. At first guiding Alaskan visitors on hunting, fishing, and flying trips, today Tony runs his own small, hands-on fishing company. His sockeye are delicious because of those three words...own, small, and hands-on.

With a crew of 2, Tony makes day trips into Bristol Bay and deliveries salmon for his customers every day. That's fresh...and a world of difference from the big companies that spend 4 or 5 days on the water, delivering fish that's been on ice for almost a week before it even hits the shore.

Captain Tony is the only captain. He overseas every aspect of getting fresh, tasty sockeye to the Goose. Tony is on the boat, making sure he fishes sustainably and without harm to other species or wildlife. Tony and his processor Mike are the only two guys who prepare the salmon. They're cut and cleaned individually and by hand. Tony also coordinates each delivery, so he knows exactly which fish are coming to Indy and how and when they'll get here.

And we can hardly wait until they arrive on Wednesday (tomorrow!). Chris loves the flavor of these fresh, never frozen sockeye. "They're delicious. It's amazing how the flavors and texture of Tony's salmon can be so rich and wild but delicate and elegant at the same time."

Tony is the owner-fisherman and Chris is the owner-butcher, so these fish are overseen by just two experts. That means the quality is high and the price void of middlemen. Folks who'd like a whole fish can have Chris butcher it any way you'd like for $12/pound. (Headless and cleaned, expect whole fish to weigh around 6-7 pounds. Tell us what you'd like...portioned into 8 oz cuts, one side whole, half ready for the grill and the rest ready for freezing, you name it. Contact us to reserve your fish!) Of course, you don't have to take home a whole fish. Individual steaks or sides are also available so partial cuts are $14.50/pound.

Captain Tony is making a special deliveries to the Goose for a couple weeks, so these sockeye aren't part of the Goose's regular pre-order fish. These beauties will be arriving starting Wednesday and will be available first to folks who place orders. Some cuts may available in the case on a first come, first served basis, too.

Get in line (fishing joke) or email us on the net (fishing joke) to get your fresh catch (no joke).

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