Friday, September 24, 2010

Help the Quigleys

Stephen Quigley--Chris' & Mollie's brother-in-law--suffered a career-ending injury to his spine at the 2010 North American Gaelic Athletic Association championships. To help offset the family's medical expenses, you can donate online.

He and his wife Cassie--Mollie's sister--and their two sons, Seamus, 5, and Teague, 3, recently moved to South Carolina, and Steve was looking forward to joining the local hurling club and continuing with his hurly production company. Steve helped create the Indy Hurling League and played on team Goose the Market.

It was an awkward collision in the quarterfinals that resulted in Steve’s injury. Since the accident, Steve has been admitted to three hospitals, resulting in dozens of MRIs, CTs, X-rays, consultations, and nursing assistance. He fractured his C6 vertebrae and severed one of the two vertebral arteries which are part of the four arteries supplying blood to the brain. He is fortunate not to have suffered paralysis, but the injury is significant enough that any future contact to the area could severely further the injury, even after his recovery.

Steve has seen multiple neurologists and neurosurgeons; and spent a full week at Northwestern University where they administered heparin and warfarin, blood thinners, in order to help lessen the clot formed in the artery and allow blood flow to the brain. At a minimum, for the next 6 months Steve will be in a neck-brace and visiting physicians to monitor the flow of blood to the brain while continuing to take doses of warfarin. There is also a future possibility of surgery, which although is not necessary at this time, would result in many more tests and a two week hospital stay where he'll be under stroke watch.

Although the Quigleys have insurance, they will undoubtedly incur lofty medical expenses. To help offset these costs, you can donate online or write a check (payable to “Indianapolis Hurling Club” with "Quigley Benefit" on the subject line; and mail to Indianapolis Hurling Club c/o Brian Church - Memo "Quigley Benefit" ; 14834 Jonathan Drive Westfield, IN 46074). If you are unable to donate at this time, please keep Steven and his family in your thoughts and prayers.

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