Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Come quick for Smoking Goose's latest release: Ossabaw Brasolara

Smoking Goose went back 200 years to source the ingredients for their latest meatastic release.

In collaboration with Connor Prairie—an interactive history park reenacting early nineteenth-century life on the Indiana prairies—Goose owner Chris Eley worked with livestock manager Kevyn Miller who raises Ossabaw pigs just as early Hoosier settlers did centuries ago. The breed’s history trots even further back than 1820s Indiana. These small pigs are descendants of wild boars in Spain, but farmers of yesterday and today prize them for their highly marbled, ruby red meat.

Back at Smoking Goose, Chris and his team transformed six of these historically-raised hogs into their newest protein production: Ossabaw Brasolara. Along with a splash of crisp, organic Semillon and Sauvignon Blanc, the Smoking Goose team spiked ground Ossabaw pork shoulder with sea salt, black pepper, garlic and orange zest before cradling whole, hand-trimmed Ossabaw coppa inside natural beef casings. Curing and dry aging for over eight weeks creates an intense and sweet slice laced with citrus and old world spice.

The extremely limited production of our hand-tended Ossabaw Brasolara means a lucky few can catch the delicious culmination of two eras in Indiana’s food history. (Time travel by taste? At the Goose, it’s our favorite way to go.)
Since the Ossbaw Brasolara won't be available to the public at Smoking Goose, come on over soon to Goose the Market (at 2503 N Delaware St.) for your portion!

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