Friday, February 20, 2015

Prep Secret: Bacon Club closing to make way for NEW Club

Goose is excited to announce a brand new “of the month” Club set to debut before Father’s Day – stay hungry and stay tuned for more.

To make room in the meatery for this tasty new Club, Goose’s six-year-old Bacon of the Month Club will be coming to a close this year. It’s been an amazingly delicious run—with more than 70 never-repeated bacon flavors—and all of us at Goose are grateful for the support of kindred bacon spirits over the years.

Some FAQs and answers…

1. I’m a Bacon Club member now. What will happen to my membership?

Existing Bacon Club members will continue to receive all the benefits of the Club through the duration of their currently paid memberships.

2. I’m a winner of the 2015 bacon flavor contest. Will I still get my bacon?

Yes, Goose guests whose nominations were selected for the 2015 Bacon Flavor Calendar will still receive their prize packs during their winning month.

3. I want to sign up/renew in the Bacon Club while I still can. What are the details?

  • Anyone can enroll in the Bacon Club through March 24. 
  • New memberships are available exclusively in a single four-month term…so folks who enroll by March 24 will receive April, May, June, and July Bacon Club bacon. 
  • New or renewing memberships for more than one term (or past July) are no longer available.*
    *See #1 above: if your currently paid membership continues past July, you will still receive all the monthly benefits of the Club through the duration of your paid membership. 
4. I LOVE bacon and am crushed by this news. Do you offer a support group?

Yes. Meetings are in the smoked section of Goose the Market’s meat case Monday – Friday, 10am – 8pm, and Saturday 10am – 6pm. The three step program includes Applewood Bacon, Lamb Bacon, and Jowl Bacon (and even some surprise bacons from time to time: duck bacon, anyone?). You are not alone.

And remember, look for details on the meatastic NEW CLUB soon!

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