Tuesday, June 17, 2008

How do you say "sexy, salted pig parts" in Italian?

Every two years, Slow Food hosts Terra Madre, a meeting of farmers, chefs, and educators from around the world to share their experiences in producing good, clean, and fair food. Held in Torino, Italy, this October, Terra Madre offers attendees the opportunity to share and learn so that, ultimately, they can help us all eat better.

After submitting applications and a massive review by Slow Food USA, Chris & Mollie have been selected as Hoosier delegates to Terra Madre!

They're in good company, too. For a complete list of Terra Madre delegates from Indiana, check out the Slow Food Indy blog.

While Chris & Mollie are packing their bags and learning some vital Italian ("Vorrei un cono di gelato per favore."), stay tuned for more info on special events and dinners open to the public to help the Hoosier Terra Madre delegates have a buon viaggio.

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