Tuesday, July 1, 2008

A-tisket, a-tasket, a re-usable rattan basket: new Goose Picnic Baskets!

Just in time for your Fourth of July festivities, the Goose is happy to introduce its own signature Picnic Basket.

A re-usable rattan basket is yours to keep, but its contents are the real treat. For just $35, inside you'll find...

* 1 bottle Crios Rose of Malbec
* 1/4 pound cured meat of your choice from the charcuterie case
* 1/4 pound cheese of your choice
* olives
* marcona almonds
* a fresh baguette from Scholar's Inn Bakehouse
* 2 "billion dollar brownies"

Gabe gives the verdict on this rosé wine from Argentina: loads of red berry aromas, plenty of acidity and spicy notes from the old-vine Malbec grapes, and a great glass for the summer. Marcona almonds from Spain are cured in olive oil and then salted for that satisfying salty-sweet flavor combination. The "billion dollar brownie". . . need we say more?

Stop by the Goose and we'll have your picnic basket ready in 15 minutes or call ahead to pick it up on your way to the park.


Big Ed said...

Are there plans 4 those of us on the wagon? Maybe with a few bottles of Cider?

Goose The Market said...

Of course! We would be happy to substitute some lemonade, water, or soda.