Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Lamb stuffed lamb at the Apple Family Farm to Table Dinner

Chris joined four other local chefs for a (hmm, how to put this) breezy Farm to Table dinner last weekend at the Apple Family Farm. Together they put on a local feast for nearly 100 guests in support of the central Indiana delegates headed to Torino for Terra Madre.

Despite hurricane force winds, driving rain, and a century-old barn that swayed with the breeze, Chris made it look easy to present dishes that featured the best of the Hoosier harvest:

  • Sweet potato, chestnut honey, and preserved lemon
  • Beluga lentils, Swiss chard, country ham, and Indiana ricotta cheese
  • Celeriac, gala apples, sweet onion, and smoked almonds
But the star of the plate was his roasted lamb stuffed lamb. That's right, lamb stuffed with lamb. After butterflying a whole, head-on lamb from the Apple Family Farm, Chris stuffed it with the most tender cuts of another deboned lamb and rich, house-made lamb sausage. Stuffed and secured, the little beast was roasted in a box--slow and steady--for about four hours. Served up with pan juices, blackberry-persimmon gastrique, and fennel pesto, the dishes came back clean.

Lots of familiar faces from the Goose pulled up a bench inside that old, candlelit barn to share a meal of local, all-natural treats while Ike stormed away outside.
We thank you!
To check out (and add!) pictures of the event, check out the Goose the Market flickr group and Slow Food Indy's flickr group.

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