Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Run salmon run

Spring gets the blessing and the blame for all kinds of, um, urges this time of year. Sure, there's a logical scientific explanation for why the daffodils bloom and when the trees bud, but perhaps the same mysterious impulse that drives salmon upstream also brings millions of grills and barbecues into the sun again. It's just that time of year.

Wild King Salmon--now available on pre-order from the Goose--spend years in the salty Pacific off the coast of Washington and Oregon. In the spring, they somehow manage to find the same fresh water river in which they were born. Racing up the powerful Columbia River takes a tremendous amount of energy (and the fish don't eat once they enter the fresh water), so Kings double their amount of "good fat," giving the fish a luscious, rich flavor and loads of heart-healthy Omega 3 in their firm flesh perfect for grilling.

Because over-fishing and environmental changes have had such devastating effects on wild salmon, protection and tradition are key to preservation. The wild Columbia River King Salmon available at the Goose are fished by local Native Americans whose peoples have used the same sustainable fishing practices for centuries. Even the greatest chefs and environmentalists agree that one of the best ways to protect endangered food is to eat it...and who could resist when these fish arrive fresh at the Goose, less than 48 hours out of the Columbia River?

"It's supple, silky, really rich...like a whole 'nuther flavor," Chris said about the differences between wild King and other salmon. Whole fish are available and Chris will hand-cut filets to order.
Remember, these fish are only available for a limited time each spring are available through pre-order only! Contact the Goose to place your order by Thursday at 5pm for pick up on Friday or Saturday.

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