Saturday, February 9, 2008

Cupid may use an arrow, but the Goose has what really works

Just in time for Valentine’s Day (check your calendar—it’s closer than you think), the Goose has stocked a new wine that may convince Cupid to change tactics.

From the temperate hills of Mendocino County, California, comes the 2005 Il Cuore Rosso Classico, a blended red wine with prominent Zinfandel berriness. “It’s jam-y like a cherry Poptart,” Chris jokes. But this luscious wine is balanced with the acidity of old growth Barbera grapes. Ripe cherry and berry flavors don’t overpower the subtle spicy and savory zest.

While Il Cuore ($14) could stand up to even the most garlicky Italian fare (which is only okay if you BOTH have garlicky Italian fare), the Goose offers a trove of porcine delicacies to woo the darling piglet in your life. Chris recommends pairing the wine with full-flavor salami like the Rosette de Lyon, Soppresatta, or Finocchiona. Creamy, pungent cheeses like Taleggio and Brescionella (or even one of the new blues like St. Agur from France) are also on Chris’s list. On the sweet side, try some of the exotically flavored Vosge chocolate. Bacon Bar, anyone? Mmmm.

In Italian, Il Cuore means The Heart, just like the Cubist-style heart on the bottle’s label. Designed by artist Dan Rizzie, the label resembles the colorful wall drawing at the Indianapolis Museum of Art, which is—much like Goose The Market—a romantic fieldtrip perfect for V-Day.

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meet me at the bacon bar, sweetie...