Thursday, February 28, 2008

Potted Love

"It's love in a jar," Chris says, smiling. The latest addition to the Goose's discriminating selection are rillettes so luscious and tender, we're falling in potted love.

First up are duck rillettes with medjool dates. Chris prepared the duck confit then paddled it smooth with just a bit of moist, local pork. On top is a layer of organic dates stewed in red wine spiked with star anise and cinnamon. The subtle sweetness of the fruit balances the savory, salty duck for a full-flavor spread. Look for rabbit rillettes next.

The thin topping of creamy, white "gras" was originally a method of preservation, to keep the tasty pot-fulls from spoiling during pre-Frigidaire centuries. Today the unopened jars should sit happily in your fridge for two or three weeks. (Once your spoon breaks the fatty seal, though, commit to consume your potted love before the week is through.)

Chris recommends letting the jars come to room temperature and then spreading a spoonful of all the layers -- duck, dates, fat, oh my! --on warm toast or crackers.

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