Friday, February 15, 2008

Goose first in Indy to offer new cheese: it’s gooda but not exactly gouda

The organic dairy in Indy’s backyard, Traders Point Creamery, has milked another treasure from its grass-fed Brown Swiss. Chouda is the creamery’s newest cheese, a sharp, grassy blend between cheddar and gouda. After just a few bites, Mollie admits, “It’s my new favorite.”

Created by Traders Point Creamery cheesemaker Fons Smits, the chouda is smooth like a Dutch gouda from Fons’ native Holland, but it has the creamy bite of a young, white cheddar. Chris likes to drink Belgian Pomme Lambic beer with the cheese. The acidity of this dry, apple beer cuts through the richness of the cheese, leaving the palate clean and ready for more. (And who wouldn’t want more?)

Like a good Dutchman, Fons pronounces his country’s trademark gouda cheese as “GHOWda.” So remember to ask for chouda (that's “CHOWda”) at the Goose, the city's first cheese counter to offer this novel, new, and local cheese. Dank je!

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