Thursday, August 28, 2008

New to the Flock

The Goose has gathered a few more Hoosier food fans into the flock. Introducing (clockwise from top left) Kimberly, Chris B., Rosemary, and Ashley!

Kimberly joined the Goose thanks to a little free time now that Leo, the youngest of her three goslings, has left the nest to start kindergarten. Chris B. graduated from Purdue with a degree in film and splits his time behind the counter at the Goose and behind the drums in his band The Mans. Ashley is a native Hoosier with wanderlust who says she "left her heart in Big Sur," though we're doing our best to take care of her stomach back home again in Indiana. Rosemary's first request from a Goose customer was rosemary. Did you guys plan that or what?

What they all have in common is a passion for good food. You might say they share "a common ground, a universal experience." So while you're stocking up on good eats for this Labor Day weekend, stop by the Goose and greet the newest members of the flock!

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