Monday, November 29, 2010

New to the Goose: Vivianne joins the flock

Before she was 10, Vivianne had a house address in more time zones than she had years. But home is always where her Anyu and Apu are around the dinner table.

Her Hungarian parents left Budapest for Austria where she was born. As a toddler, Vivianne and her parents moved to Canada until her Apu's (or dad's) work brought them into the U.S. With her Anyu's (or mom's) commitment to delicious, traditional cooking and her parents' commitment to maintain their culture, there was always good food on the table and good Hungarian vocabulary in the conversation.

With a degree in forensic science, Vivianne runs a DNA lab by day but supports her passion and training for food and wine in the evenings in the Goose's Enoteca. A dedicated home cook, she admits that after her first shift at the Goose, she went home and whipped up a beef tartare for her 10 o'clock supper.

Stop by the Enoteca and help us welcome Vivianne!

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